Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers

Papers that have passed the repeatability evaluation present the RE-passed badge next to their title. Note that submitting the RE package was mandatory only for Tool and Case Study papers.

Regular papers

Accurate reachability analysis of uncertain nonlinear systems
Matthias Rungger and Majid Zamani

Reach Set Approximation through Decomposition with Low-dimensional Sets and High-dimensional Matrices
Sergiy Bogomolov, Marcelo Forets, Goran Frehse, Andreas Podelski, Christian Schilling and Frédéric Viry

Specifying Timed Patterns using Temporal Logic
Dogan Ulus and Oded Maler

Stabilizing switched nonlinear systems under restricted switching
Atreyee Kundu

Localizing Faults in Simulink/Stateflow Models with STL
Ezio Bartocci, Thomas Ferrère, Niveditha Manjunath and Dejan Nickovic

Efficient Parametric Identification for STL
Alexey Bakhirkin, Thomas Ferrère and Oded Maler

Under-Approximating Reach Sets for Polynomial Continuous Systems
Bai Xue, Martin Fränzle and Naijun Zhan

A New Perspective on Quality Evaluation for Control Systems with Stochastic Timing
Maximilian Gaukler, Andreas Michalka, Peter Ulbrich and Tobias Klaus

From Dissipativity Theory to Compositional Construction of Finite Markov Decision Processes
Abolfazl Lavaei, Sadegh Soudjani and Majid Zamani

From Uncertainty Data to Robust Policies for Temporal Logic Planning
Pier Giuseppe Sessa, Damian Frick, Tony A. Wood and Maryam Kamgarpour

Algorithms for exact and approximate linear abstractions of polynomial continuous systems
Michele Boreale

Clock Allocation in Timed Automata and Graph Colouring
Neda Saeedloei and Feliks Kluzniak

Bisimulations, logics, and trace distributions for stochastic systems with rewards
Daniel Gburek and Christel Baier

Parameter Invariant Monitoring for Signal Temporal Logic
Nima Roohi, Ramneet Kaur, James Weimer, Oleg Sokolsky and Insup Lee

Improving validated computation of Viability Kernels
Benjamin Martin and Olivier Mullier

Lyapunov Design for Event-Triggered Exponential Stabilization
Anton Proskurnikov and Manuel Mazo Jr

Multi-Layered Abstraction-Based Controller Synthesis for Continuous-Time Systems
Kyle Hsu, Rupak Majumdar, Kaushik Mallik and Anne-Kathrin Schmuck

Constructing Control System Abstractions from Modular Components
Eric Kim, Murat Arcak and Majid Zamani

Formal Guarantees in Data-Driven Model Identification and Control Synthesis
Sadra Sadraddini and Calin Belta

Modeling the Impact of Vehicle Platooning on Highway Congestion: A Fluid Queuing Approach
Li Jin, Mladen Cicic, Saurabh Amin and Karl Johansson

Model Checking Bounded Continuous-time Extended Linear Duration Invariants
Jie An, Naijun Zhan, Xiaoshan Li, Miaomiao Zhang and Yi Wang

Scalable Underapproximative Verification of Stochastic LTI Systems using Convexity and Compactness
Abraham P. Vinod and Meeko M. K. Oishi

Global Almost-Sure Reachability in Stochastic Constant-Rate Multi-Mode Systems
Fabio Somenzi, Behrouz Touri and Ashutosh Trivedi

State Estimation of Dynamical Systems with Unknown Inputs: Entropy and Bit Rates
Hussein Sibai and Sayan Mitra

Tool and Case Study papers

DSValidator: An Automated Counterexample Reproducibility Tool for Digital Systems
Lennon Chaves, Iury Bessa, Lucas Cordeiro and Daniel Kroening

Graphical Modeling of Hybrid Dynamics with Simulink and Stateflow
Akshay Rajhans, Srinath Avadhanula, Alongkrit Chutinan, Pieter Mosterman and Fu Zhang

ROCS: A Robustly Complete Control Synthesis Tool for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Yinan Li and Jun Liu

AVERIST: Algorithmic Verifier for Stability of Linear Hybrid Systems
Miriam García Soto and Pavithra Prabhakar

Note: the list is ordered based on the submission number